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Market Your Business fast and smart, and Pay for Results only!

Put your website in front of millions of users, in less then 2 weeks time.
Use analytics data and ROI based marketing techniques to boost sales!
Apart from a fixed setup fee, you only pay when we get you sales!

Digital Marketing: how to achieve Website Sales fast....

Your website (existing or new) has low rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your internet business suffers from low amounts of website leads and sales. Cost per lead and cost per sale are rising daily and are giving you a constant headache... Whatever you call it, it’s been troubling your internet business...

Would it not be a relief to see your website rankings, leads, sales and ROI improve in only 2 weeks? You are reading it right: 2 weeks. Not months, or years. Are you ready to try a Digital Marketing program that has numerous satisfied clients and proven effectiveness?

Global EMarketing Solutions offers Digital Marketing solutions that create new leads and sales for your website immediately after start. Effectively. Budget and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) controlled. With laser sharp customer targeting, per country (city also is possible) and language, even per time of day, and day per week, when required. So say goodbye to absent website rankings and insufficient website sales... Forever.

We use the latest Digital Marketing techniques, and offer Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) services to our clients. The Google Adwords platform facilitates in an almost immediate website presentation (via Adwords ads) in Google search result pages. It also allows sharp monitoring of user behaviour on your site, allowing efficient and fast optimization of clicks to conversions (leads and sales).

Google Adwords is closely linked to Google Analytics (one of world's leading website analytics programs), and the two combined allow optimal website conversion and ROI tuning, fast, in as little as two weeks. Please check our client references on the right side of this page to see the proof.

From Branding to Personalization
The advertising standard for many years has been Branding; flooding consumers with ads on TV, Radio and in newspapers, magazines and movies. Over time, people got blind to those ads, and used (and still use) the TV commercial breaks to go to the toilet or get a beer. Newspaper and magazine ads are closer looked at, but are still bulk-marketed; with one ad fitting all.

Nowadays, TV, movie and magazine content is online; 24/7 available, "on demand", personalized and ubiquitous (at any place, also on the smartphone).
This presents tremendous opportunities for advertisers. Ads can be focussed now per user community, time of day, country, language, demographics, and, most important, location.

How to reach the ideal customer and get maximum advertising ROI
Global EMarketing Solutions uses 3 means to reach potential customers in an ad campaign. These 3 means can be used separately, but work best together, as they complement eachother in time; we call it the Digital Marketing Triad.
In the Digital Marketing Triad (see the logo at the top of the page), there are 3 timelines involved regarding website ranking and ROI:

  • Increase your Website Sales in 2 weeks, via Pay Per Click.
    The main PPC (Pay Per Click) platform used by most advertisers is Google Adwords. Google Adwords allows campaign targeting in any language, any country (even city), at any time-window per day, for any budget on, Google local, and many Google partner (Google Display Network) sites. Greatest advantage of PPC is that a top ranking ad can be achieved for thousands of keywords. In using SEO or SMO, only a few dozen keywords can be targeted (see below).

  • Rank your Website in the top in 3 months, via Organic SEO
    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is applied by us since 1997 on more then 200 websites. We use the latest SEO techniques (white hat only, obeying Google's Webmaster Guidelines).
    Benefits of SEO are longterm, but scaling is small, as it only can involve a few dozen keyphrases. If you require top ranking for hundreds (or thousands) of keywords you need PPC.

  • Protect and Promote your Brand within 1 year, via Social Media
    SMO (Social Media Optimization) is applied by us since 2009 on a dozen client websites. SMO is all about Online Reputation Management, Branding and customer feedback management. is a good example; they use "crowd sourcing" to get customer feedback for potential new product releases. Social "group buying" has also become popular fast.
    For 2012/2013, we recommend using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+.
    Benefits of SMO are not so much lead & sales related, but more customer service and company perception related, showing one's brand, online service, and managing/protecting a company's online reputation.


What our clients say:

"Global eMarketing Solutions did a splendid job of understanding our business model and requirements to devise a series of highly effective online paid search campaigns. More commendably this was executed within a strict time frame and budget. The resultant ROI from these campagins has been well up to expectations."
Hasan Makansi, E-Commerce Manager

"When we first contacted Global EMarketing Solutions - their response was received within hours! All correspondence was dealt with in a professional and excellent manner. Most importantly.... they lowered our click through costs (approx 50%) and increased targeted visitors by about 50% - a win win situation! We operate in the fiercely competitive environment of mail order ink cartridges and with the help of Global EMarketing Solutions were able to significantly increase our operating profits!"
John Pickering, CEO

Global EMarketing Solutions has been doing a tremendous work for us. They’ve always responded very quickly to all our requests and questions, 7 days a week and with a high level of professionalism. And, more importantly, they’ve produced excellent results, with an extremely competitive price – maybe the lowest in today’s markets. We can only recommend it to anyone seeking to boost his or her sales through a pay-per-click campaign”
Sylvain Frochaux, COO

"The work done by Global EMarketing Solutions was first rate. The thorough analysis of our existing Adword campaigns combined with their understanding of how the various systems, especially Google operated allowed them to develop a plan that not only increased traffic to the site but also helped us to lower costs."
Jacob Robfogel, VP

"Global EMarketing Solutions has been great. They took me under their wing and explained in lay mans terms what was required. They lowered our click through costs through Google Adwords and have given us more clicks for less money. Global EMarketing Solutions have been professional and have increased our business whilst saving us money."
Charles Dwyer, MD

"I have worked with Global EMarketing Solutions on 3 marketing campaigns for my business, each being quite varied. Their work has been very valuable to us, and they always keep the clients interest and objectives as priority #1. One of the most important attributes for me was the reliabilty and promptness when working, replying to requests which was excellent. I have already recommended them to other business friends, who need these specialised skills."
Dennis Cons, CEO

Increase Website Traffic and Rank, How to Increase Website Ranking and Website Sales Conversions
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